QuickBooks Error 1328
QuickBooks Error

QuickBooks Error 1328

What is QuickBooks Error 1328?

QuickBooks Error 1328 error shows when users are trying to install and update and uninstalling their QuickBooks software. In this blog, you will know about QB Error 1328 which includes, its causes along with solutions to fix this error. QuickBooks users read this blog very carefully till the end, it will help you to deal with this error. QuickBooks accounting software used to perform business accounting tasks & operations. It is specially designed to meet the accounting needs of a user’s business. Sometimes, this software shows some errors either it is a technical or functional error. But you can solve these common errors by getting QuickBooks help at our toll-free phone number +1-866-265-2764

As we know, QuickBooks updates its features and techniques in a regular interval of time and always provides new skills to the users. Updating your QuickBooks software on time is also very important for QuickBooks users.It is necessary to fix QuickBooks Error 1328  because it will create problems during installation, updating, and uninstall the QB software. All the errors need to be fixed.

What are the causes of the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 1328?

This error has various kinds of causes, some of them are occurring due to our functional faults and some of them occur due to technical faults. Reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 1328. These are:

  • Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks software.
  • Improper functioning of your software.
  • A shutdown of your system in the wrong manner.
  • Having a virus or malware attack.
  • Network Error is another cause for the occurrence of this error while any software is in the process of downloading or in the installation process.
  • Occurs due to incorrect downloads of software.
  • This occurs due to the installation of a corrupted software file.
  • Installing QuickBooks Version in the invalid license number.

Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

Now come to the solutions to fix QB update error 1328. These are:

Locate the Config.msi file:

  • The first way of fixing this QuickBooks error 1328 is to locate the config.msi file,

 Go to theStart” and right-click on it.

  • Hit the option Explore” and double click on the “C drive”.
  • Click the option “Tools” and then choose the folder.
  • The next step is to hit the “View” option inside the toolbar and to choose all the hidden files.
  • Now you have to open all the required system files, simply right-click on the config.msi.
  • Click the Rename” option to rename the file by including the .old extension, mention it at the end of the filename.
  • Now, your error issue is resolved, all the above steps you have to follow to fix this error. 

Reinstallation of QuickBooks by using a Clean install:

  • Simply uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press the “Windows+R” key from the keyboard at the same time to open and run the command box.
  • Open the bar and type control panel and just hit the “OK” option.
  • Select the option to “uninstall a program” if the control panel shows in your category. If not then choose the programs and features option.
  • Open the Programs list and click QuickBooks.
  • Now select the “uninstall/ change” and follow the instructions to complete it.

Next step is to rename the installation bar:

You can easily rename the installation folder by using two methodologies and they are by downloading the QuickBooks clean install tool or through the manual procedure. The way of renaming the installation folder by QuickBooks clean install tool.

  • Firstly, you need to download the clean install tool on your desktop and save it.
  • Then open it and agree to “accept” all the license agreements.
  • After accepting all the license agreements, click on your QuickBooks Desktop Version, and hit “Continue”.
  • A message will be displayed, you have to install it in your default directory, click “ok”.

Next step is to reinstall Quickbooks after clean installation:

  • To complete the method, you have to select an option to install “QuickBooks”.
  • Install the QuickBooks software directly from the installation CD.
  • Install QuickBooks software through an already downloaded installed file.
  • Now your system is ready for simple QuickBooks installation”.

Repairing registered tool application:

  • Run the registry repair tool is very important and provides help in repairing the damaged registry entries on QuickBooks.
  • By using a malware removal tool you need to fix all the malware infections.
  • Then, remove or delete all the unwanted junk files from the system and uninstall all the traditional outdated PC device drivers.
  • Go and click the “Undo” option from the “Recent system changes”, used to restore.
  • Then you have to uninstall the QuickBooks application from your system and start reinstalling it again.
  • Now simply run the windows system file checker, and start installing all the necessary “windows update”.

Running of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool:

  • Firstly start downloading the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks official website on your working system.
  • After completion of the downloading process, the tool will be prompt in your desktop, just save it on your desktop.
  • Close all the open programs and start run the Quickbooks install the diagnostic tool on your desktop.
  • At last, restart the system, and ensure that all the components are properly updated.

Facing Problems in Implementing Solutions:

I hope after applying the above-mentioned solutions you can fix the QuickBooks Error 1328. But, the users who are unable to perform and implement all the above-mentioned solutions to fix QuickBooks Error on their own, they can contact us and get other effective solutions from us. Our expert team is always ready to help our users by providing them 100% satisfaction results. So, you can directly call us by dialing our toll-free number from your mobile device and get our expert Support i.e. freely available.


At the end of this blog, I hope this will help you to know something more about QuickBooks Error 1328, after fixing this error you can easily install, update and uninstall QB without facing any issue. The aim of this writing is to help our QuickBooks users by providing all essential information which includes its causes, reasons for the occurrence and all the possible solutions that resolve this error under the expert supervision . Even, we are providing optimal utilization by defining all the steps in a systematic way.

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