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QuickBooks Exeadapter Error

QuickBooks Exeadapter Error is also known as 61686 error can happen because of a harmed Framework file. QuickBooks Exeadapter Error message display on your system screen. In this error, all your company data files or business files are not corrupt or damaged. It commonly occurs when the company users try to access the company account details.

When your system displays an error message “We are sorry! Something went wrong with your system installation”. Do you know about this error message? This error arises in your system when there is any installation issue occurring in your system or desktop. Basically, this error message occurs if your system is affected with QuickBooks Exeadapter error which is also known as QuickBooks error 61686. The main reason for this error is damage to the framework file when the error displays on the computer the installer stops performing well and software fails to install. QuickBooks installation can exit working when it experiences these kinds of errors. 

In this blog, you will know about QuickBooks Exeadapter Error (How to fix it, How to troubleshoot it, Causes of Error). If you face any other error contact on our QuickBooks Error Support.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Exeadapter Error?

The main reason behind this error is expected to a harmed Framework.xml file. The blooper happens when the Microsoft.net structure is harmed or missing on the working framework. Since the .NET system is mainly required for a few projects, as in QuickBooks except if this can be fixed, the installer neglects to enlist the QuickBooks software. 

Messages displays on the screen will be

  • The installer has encountered an error while running QuickBooks.
  • Exeadaptor error (Install Exe will receive an error).

Causes also focus on these reasons:

  • An outdated or traditional version of Microsoft .Net framework.
  • When the window is infected by a virus.
  • When the framework XML file is removed.

How to fix QuickBooks Exeadapter Error?

The framework.XML file is very critical for operating various programs like QuickBooks. So we have to modify or make a correction before we start working on the installation.

Correction in Framework.XML file

It depends where and how you perform the installation, your installation starts from either from the download or you continue from a CD, the resolutions may be different.

Perform modification of Framework when installing software from the download

  • Press two keys simultaneously Windows+R on the Keyboard(command prompt helps you to open it).
  • On the Command Prompt window, Keys contain words: % temp and click ok.
  • At present, when the window with temp files starts to open, click the folder which has the name of the edition of QuickBooks you are ready to install.

In case you are unable to find the QuickBooks install file on the temp folder, then re-run the QuickBooks installer, and when the welcome screen displays in front of you, hit cancel.

  • Now click to open the QBOOKS folder then,
  • Browse to find the location of FRAMEWORK.XML. Now click right on the folder and rename it.
  • Alter the name of the file: FRAMEWORK.XML change into FRAMEWORK.XML.OLD
  • Now start downloading the new FRAMEWORK.XML file from the web and store it on the QuickBooks folder.
  • Once it finishes, Open the INSTALLATION folder and click to RUN the setup.exe. Now Try to run the QuickBooks.msi folder, in case your setup.exe fails again.

Modification of Framework. XML file when installing from CD

If any QuickBooks users want to Install the QuickBooks through the Compact Disk, they are required to follow these steps:

  • Before starting this, a single click to Copy the installer to the desktop of the system you are operating or working with.
  • Copy it.
  • After installing the CD, when the Install shield wizard opens up, just close it and,
  • Browse to find the location of “CD Directory”.
  • Browse again to find out the folder with the same file name as “QuickBooks Edition”  that you are trying to install and press the two keys simultaneously CTRL+C to copy the folder.
  • Now click right on the desktop and paste it (CTRL+V) for copying it to the desktop.
  • Now, the QBOOKS folder is present on your desktop. Open the folder and browse again to find out the FRAMEWORK.XML. then click Rename to rename it.
  • Rename the Framework.XML to FRAMEWORK.XML.OLD.
  • Now, download the new FRAMEWORK.XML file and save it to the QBOOKS folder (where the OLD framework file is stored).
  • Once it finishes, you can easily run the setup.exe or the QuickBooks.msi files to start the installation of QuickBooks software.

Install Antivirus software in your system

Install antivirus software to provide protection for all your files and folders from malware, virus and malicious infections. In some cases, antivirus helps in minimizing the effect of QuickBooks Exeadapter error. Antivirus provides authenticity to detect any malicious infections and viruses in QuickBooks software. So freely install the QuickBooks with antivirus software to safeguard your system from attack and threats. 

Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

If you don’t have QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, just download it from the internet. To start the tool, simply open the Downloads folder and click twice to open it. Whatever the instructions provided by the system, you have to follow.

  • For using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool open the tool hub and click on the “Installation issues”.
  • In the section of Installation issues, you will find the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. A single click to run it.
  • The running process of this tool takes time around 20 minutes.
  • After completion of the running process, restart the computer.

Update the Windows

  • Download the latest updates of the window if QuickBooks Exeadapter error occurs on your system.
  • At the time of updating, Plug into the charger and then start updating your windows in the latest release version.
  • Restart your system.
  • Now open the QuickBooks and QuickBooks company file to check the presence of error. Ensure that error is present or not.

Issues in implementing it

If you are still facing installation error conditions because of the QuickBooks Exeadaptor Error, then it is because of some hidden reasons that are still interrupting and creating issues in the installation process in the background of your computer. In this case, please contact our expert professionals on QuickBooks Support to help and assist you. 

Final Note

QuickBooks Exeadapter Error is also known as error code 61686. There are multiple methodologies and techniques through which you can easily settle down this issue and use QuickBooks software freely. Hopefully, I have covered every possible solution in this article and it will help you to fix  Exeadapter errors easily. I also mentioned the cause of error so that it can help you to face the problem anytime and anywhere. We tried our best to provide effective and valuable solutions to fix this error. If you are still facing the same problem after applying all the above-mentioned methods then you can contact our QB support team. They will examine your software and give all the basic details that harm your system functionalities.

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