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QuickBooks error 6010

QuickBook Error 6010 is one of the installation errors. This error occurs when QuickBooks is unable to function properly after you make any changes to the installation, and QuickBooks displays the installation error code 6010 on your screen. Although this is not the only reason for the error code 6010 there are some other reasons for example – Firewall interrupts QB, but your installed antivirus does not even allow QuickBooks. Now you can solution about QuickBooks error 6010 below.

Indication of QuickBooks Error 6010

  • These are many different indications which you guide. Your QB is deal your QuickBooks errors 6010.
  • Your mouse and keyboard start working slower than before.
  • When you encounter the QuickBook code 6010, a popup message appears on your screen.
  • When you open your QuickBooks application, your system becomes immovable for a short time.

Here are some factors of QuickBooks Error 6010

  • Modification of the QuickBooks error code 6010 at the time of QuickBooks installation.
  • .TLG and.ND files are disconnected from the Quickbooks.
  • Registry optimize file presented in your computer has deleted to your QuickBooks registry files. 
  • If you have installed ASED NOD32 antivirus in your system then it prevents the QuickBooks from going to the network and other stats.
  • Your QuickBooks not up to date then your system encounters QuickBooks error 6010.

How to resolve QuickBooks error -6010

  • You can resolve the QuickBooks error- 6010 quickly to follow some simple steps below:-

Step 1:- Restart your QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • First, You necessity to re-open the company QuickBooks Database Server Manager and scan the company file again.
  • Now, you go to the start button and open all QuickBooks programs.
  • Then, you have to open to QuickBooks and right-click the QB Database Server Manager.
  • Next, you open the Database Manager and choose the scan folder.
  • If you don’t show the folder then click on the Add Folder and select the scan button then scan all files. 
  • After that, you Login to your company profile and see if the “6010 error code” resolved.

Step 2:- Restore your QB company file

  • Firstly, you go into the QB folder of the company profile.
  • Search the file with.QBW extension and right-click on the file and then select copy.
  • Come back to the desktop and right-click on this file and paste it.
  • After that, open QuickBooks after the hold Ctrl key from the keyboard. If you no company open then you need to click on open or restore an existing company.
  • If the solution doesn’t work for you then move on to the next solution.

Step 3:- Ending the QuickBooks process

  • Firstly, you to log into the computer as an administrator.
  • Now, open the task manager by press the key Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • After that, You need to choose User and highlight every QuickBooks process EXE, QBDBM.exe, and qbupdate.exe and choose End Task in multi-user mode.
  • If you don’t the solution then moves the next solution.

Step 4:- Rename QB.ND file extension

  • Firstly, you to find all file to.ND extension.
  • Now, you to open the file having QB error 6010.
  • After, you open all the files and right-click on that file and select the rename of that file.
  • Next, you have to add .old extension.
  • Finally, you open QB and see it.
  • It the issue is fixed then moves the next solution.

Step 5:- Block multi-user Hosting Access

  • Firstly, you select the file and open the QuickBooks File menu.
  • Now, go into the utility and choose the option “Stop hosting Multi-user Access.
  • Next, you need to close and open the QuickBooks file again.
  • After that, you go into the program setting and turn off the internet future then restart your PC.
  • Finally, Reopen QuickBooks and check “QuickBooks error code 6010”. If the error code shows moved the final solution below.

Step 6:- Reinstall the QuickBooks 

  • Firstly, you go to the start button and choose the Control Panel.
  • Now, you have to click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Next, right-click on QuickBooks and Uninstall the program.
  • After that, Download and run QuickBooks clean Install Tool and choose the QB version to install and click on Continue then click on ok and install QuickBooks.
  • Finally, Open the QuickBooks again.


QuickBooks error 6010 occurs when you make changes at installation time. The solution to this error is to restart the administrator of the QuickBook database server; Otherwise, reinstall the QuickBook software which will remove all errors. Quickbooks error is detected in our system when our keyboard and mouse start working slowly. To solve this, we have to change the settings in QuickBooks. For which we will have to go to the company database server manager and re-open the company’s file and scan and we can solve this problem.

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