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Short note on QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks Error 179 appears when users are trying to login to the Bank site of your PC foundation. But after trying several times the procedure of login is failed with valid credentials. QuickBooks Error Code 179 appears while working on the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks software, one of the commonly used accounting software that increases the accounting software competition of the industry. There are multiple errors faced by QuickBooks users. Error 179 comes under those complex errors that can not be easily resolved by the QB users through QB File Doctor application. This application tool is unable to encounter this error problem. Before applying the troubleshooting steps make sure about your system error issue. Now read all the below mentioned information carefully without skipping any point for getting the complete knowledge about QB Error 179. 

What is QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks Error 179 occurs at that point when users attempt to open the original client files and their backup in computer memory. Generally QuickBooks Error Code 179 is a trending error facing by multiple users who work on specified versions. Error code 179 also known as QuickBooks rebuild error. Intuit offers multiple tools for fixing these kinds of errors along with a proper guide(booklet). So that the users read the instructions and then apply it on your system. All the manual instructions needs to be followed. In the concept of Error fixing, QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool can be very helpful. But in some cases these tools also fail when your system is completely damaged and corrupted. At that point you require expert assistance for troubleshooting the error 179.

For getting complete expert assistance you have to call on our helpline number or you can visit our site. By dialing our helpline number, your call is directly transferred to our Intuit certified masters when you can trigger all your queries effectively by getting best, appropriate and innovative solutions. Also by interacting with them users learn more about their QB software. Before starting the procedure of fixing your QB issues our experts analyze your system(version, prices and plans, specifications) so that they can easily troubleshoot your system error. Some errors are hidden(error messages are not popped on your display screen) but these errors internally damage your system and reduce your system operability. To come out from all these issues simply get in touch with our QuickBooks Online Support and also get all the help online via email or live chat with 24/7 support assistance.

How does it look on your display screen?

Firstly, QuickBooks offers multiple facilities to the users either they run small enterprise, medium enterprise or large enterprise for performing day-to-day accounting operations. It is common to face this error while working on QuickBooks financial accounting software for executing/managing various accounting operations. QuickBooks shows error messages on the system screen “ Error 179; There is something missing or corrupted with your data”. 

Possible Causes of Error 179 in QuickBooks

The occurrence of Error code 179 in QuickBooks is due to missing company entries that affect your system in a worst manner. Take a look at the most common causes of QuickBooks Error 179.

  • Few entries are missing in the QuickBooks application lists.
  • Some other untreatable errors in QuickBooks Desktop make a complete chain of complex errors.
  • The complete data of balance sheet reports are not properly generated and are not updated in other accounts.
  • Multiple unspecified errors in company files which include; missing transaction data, incomplete transactions.
  • Already deposited payments incorrectly displayed in the Payments options inside the Deposit window.
  • Inconsistency in the generated reports like negative values, null values and blank in your  invoices and bills.
  • Generated Values in the transaction log files are not equal to the total number of transactions in QuickBooks.
  • It occurs when the exchanges are missing.
  • When you are dismissing the log out of your last session.
  • Store issue held with your Internet program.
  • Something went wrong with your organization record(missing, corrupted, damaged).
  • Few errors occurring in Organization records may cause the QuickBooks Error 179.

Symptoms of QB Error 179

There are various possible symptoms that you may see when your system affects by the QuickBooks Error Code 179. Check the symptoms properly in your affected system. If all the symptoms match with your system it means this is the right time to move further troubleshooting steps.

  • Organization files go missing, damaged and corrupted.
  • QuickBooks takes more time in responding properly.
  • QuickBooks automatically switches to freeze mode and is unable to react to your input commands.
  • Missing important details in your software application lists.
  • When your working system starts to hang.
  • Your application offers null values on your operations.
  • When your system windows corrupts.
  • Working with an outdated version of QuickBooks.
  • The procedure of updating needs to be implemented properly on the existing software.

How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 179

QuickBooks Error 179 comes under the non-technical issue and can be easily settled down by applying simple minor changes to the browser or the software. Follow the techniques in the chronological order to encounter the issue.

Technique 1:  Simply Encounter the Browser Issue

The Browser cookies can easily interpret the causing issues. It is not only in the case of QuickBooks, but other software as well in the same manner.

  • You have to Sign out of the bank’s website on all systems on the network in which QuickBooks Desktop is installed.
  • Now delete the browsing history and clear cache for any user account from which you have access of QuickBooks and other bank account.
  • Sign in to the bank account with your credentials from the browser and attempt  to access the details from QuickBooks application.

Technique 2: Update the Financial Organization Data

Sometimes QuickBooks Desktop is not capable of pulling in the bank account details when there is any inconsistency(mismatch) in the data or your credentials. Make sure whatever the data you have entered in QuickBooks is consistent and clarify with the bank details.

  • Firstly, Select the QuickBooks Desktop and then Hit the Tools option.
  • Make a choice of Online Center inside the menu and then pick the Financial Organization that specifies your bank from the list.
  • Press and hold Ctrl and F3 keys on your keyboard simultaneously and then choose the Contact Information.
  • Now Setting up the profile and your branding information that needs to be updated, make all the relevant changes and modifications, then hit the Update/ Send.
  • Input the right password if accepted.
  • Pick Update Now and then add the information.

Now again attempt to Login to the bank account and try to access the data from QuickBooks. If that still doesn’t respond well, you might have to make changes or some modifications in the Windows Registry.

Technique 3: Service to Windows Registry

The Windows Registry saved the multiple options and settings of your QuickBooks Desktop. In some cases, the error can easily triggered by creating a backup of your saved files and information and restoring the software.

  • At first, launch the Register Entry in Windows and open it by manually typing the Regedit in the command prompt.
  • If you are willing to back up the entire Registry, then right-click on the Computer icon and hit the Export option.
  • This will be helpful in  creating a backup of all  the software such as QuickBooks financial accounting software like QuickBooks Pro which needs to be installed on the PC system in the backup folder along with a .reg file extension.
  • Apply operations to restore the .reg file extension available in the Registry Editor.
  • At last, launch QuickBooks again and check whether the error exists or not.

Final Note

Hopefully, all the above techniques will help you in fixing the error issue efficiently. While the first two techniques should be interactive to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 179. It is very rare to apply the restoring Windows Registry in fixing this error. All these techniques have to follow or implement in your affected system to encounter the error with a long term goal. In case, the technique doesn’t work properly on your system, “means that there are other hidden errors harms your system”. In that case you require expert advice or assistance for those unspecified error issues and other software as well. It might be possible through QuickBooks Help from Intuit certified masters.

QuickBooks Customer Help Service offered by (Auditannum) comes under the Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider that gives 24*7 support assistance. It includes both technical and non-technical support via phone (helpline number), live-chat, and email (all the facilities are freely available for QB users, they don’t need to pay any charge) with QuickBooks Hosting. Whenever you face any kind of issue while running all your QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro and Premier and many more. Our experts team is always standing behind you to help and assist you. Contact us for other help and support.

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