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QuickBooks Install Error 1904

QuickBooks Install Error 1904 is the most commonly faced error in today’s era. QuickBooks offers multiple services to settle down this error message pop ups by providing a complete guide of installation along the software so that the users can easily read the guide at the time of installing the QuickBooks financial based accounting software.  Error 1904 in QuickBooks generally occurs when users attempt to install the QuickBooks software on your device after updating all the advanced latest updates of Windows. This error message can also display on your computer files when multiple users are trying to access the company files on separate versions. Sometimes updated QuickBooks versions are unable to supported by your system. It means your system is not compatible with your QuickBooks software versions. At this point you require expert assistance for fixing your uncleared issues.

For getting expert support and assistance you have to choose a particular service that is capable of resolving your issue.You can also choose our support service where you can get best and relevant solutions according to your issue. The procedure of contacting is very simple and can be very helpful for you. QB users can get in touch with our Intuit certified masters on our QuickBooks Online Support and ready to get fast and successive results. Your all problems can easily resolved either it relates with bookkeeping, payroll issues and any kind of error issues. 

How does it appear on your system screen?

QuickBooks Install Error 1904 error message pops on the display screen that specifies  “Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] failed to register”.  This message helps in identifying the category of error. The message also pops when you are using the wrong path at the time of installing the QuickBooks software. To know more about this error simply read out the causes and symptoms and get a better understanding of this error message.

Possible Causes for QuickBooks Install Error 1904

QuickBooks Install error also shows when your QuickBooks software is affected by spy, malware or virus and some of your company files are damaged. These all(spy, virus, malware attacks) restrict Windows to install the QB software. Malware attacks can be treated as barriers that slow down the system stability. It also affects the working environment of the software. Settle down this error immediately otherwise it damages your system in a worst manner. The wonderful reason for QuickBooks Error 1904 is damaged or corrupted Windows components like Visual C++ files. The possible causes of QuickBooks Install Error 1904 are as follows:-

  • The actual working components are missing, damaged and corrupted.
  • Your system start restricting your permissions/authentications of performing both read-write in the hard drive are there,
  • Improper installation of QB software in the system can also cause the error 1904.
  • When the maintenance of your system/software is not done in a reliable way.
  • It can occur when you are working on the traditional/outdated versions of the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You neglect the advanced and latest update of Windows operating system.
  • Any damage happens with QuickBooks Installer file.
  • Attempt to switch one version to another version.
  • Some permissions derived.

We analyze QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error comes under the trending errors, If you are not capable of dealing with QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error just read out our blogs till the end and fix your issues on your own. 

Common symptoms of QuickBooks Install Error

The common symptoms include; QB software stops responding to your commands and inputs. Your system goes to freeze and all the tasks you attempt to perform are running very slow. All the possible symptoms are as follows:-

  • System Windows get corrupts or damaged.
  • The QB UI doesn’t respond and an error message pops on your display screen.
  • Your current working system automatically switches to freeze mode.
  • All the tasks you are attempting to perform are running very slow.
  • The system is unable to open the company file and to load data.
  • QuickBooks isn’t capable of supporting multi-user mode.
  • Your  system Windows shuts automatically and QB software also exits.
  • An error message pops “Access denied to work with QuickBooks company files and its data”.
  • Any virus and malware affects your QB software.

Solutions to settle down QuickBooks Install Error 1904

There are various available solutions that help users in troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error 1904. Read all the solutions very carefully(till the end) before implementing on your system. A single change in step as according to you can adversely affect your system. All the offered solutions are tested by our Intuit certified masters so that you can easily trigger your error pop ups without wasting your time and efforts. Before implementing the solutions make sure your system is harmed by QuickBooks Install Error 1904.

Solution 1: Using an Automated User Solution

  • Firstly, Restart your PC(computer).
  • After that start Downloading the QuickBooks repair utility. You will have to run the tool. If a repair tool is not present in your system then install it. It is available for download on the internet.
  • Scan your whole device to learn the cause of your error.
  • Hit the Fix Repair option to encounter your error.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is always available in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Diagnostic Tool is a common or general method of resolving most installing or updating errors which include managing the damaged files on QuickBooks Desktop and then repairing it. Make sure that the QuickBooks Desktop application is shut before running the whole scan of the tool.

  • Download and install it from QuickBooks Tool Hub (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) if you are not already installed in your system and then run it.
  • Choose the Installation issues in the options when your application opens and then pick QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Reboot the system and open the QuickBooks application again.

Solution 3: Handle Security Settings

Sometimes, the use of powerful antivirus or modifying the firewall settings may prevent the QuickBooks files from being executed.  Steps of executing would be different for each and every antivirus software, the basic idea is to include the QuickBooks files to the exclusion list.

Solution 4: Update your software

Sometimes the error can occur due to outdated versions of software. Some users neglect the updates due to low space in the system, slow internet connectivity, unstable connection, busy scheduling and many more. After launching the new update the old version starts responding very slow. Every time when you open the application the message of updating appears on your screen. Always keep your software up-to-date because a single update carries advanced security patches, software reliability, advanced features, look and feel of software.

Solution 5: Reduce the usage of Adobe Flash Player

A previous installation related to the Adobe Flash player can adversely affect the normal functioning of QuickBooks Desktop. It happens in very rare cases that Reinstalling the software  can trigger the QuickBooks Install Error 1904.  In some cases, it is helpful to try QuickBooks File Doctor for reducing the error messages.

  • Browse and Navigate to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Simply hit Uninstall a Program and then choose Adobe Flash Player ActiveX from the list.
  • Uninstall the current software and then Reinstall the software again.

Solution 6: Using an Manual User Solution

  • Firstly, Restart/reboot your device.
  • Sign in to your device as an administrator.
  • The configuration window will appear on your screen.
  • Hit the Next.
  • Visit the All Programs.
  • Pick the Accessories.
  • Reach the System Tools.
  • Hit the System Restore.
  • Go to the Start button and a single click on it.
  • Hit the Latest Restore inside the drop-down list that will appear on your screen.
  • Now click on Start.
  • After that hit the Restore my computer and simply click the Next button.
  • Hit the Finish.
  • At last, Restart your device again.


If you are unfit to encounter the QuickBooks Install Error 1904 with any of the following solutions stated above, then you require the expert assistance of a qualified/experienced IT professional.  As an Intuit approved QuickBooks Help service provider you can get help from us by calling on our helpline number or by visiting our site. If any of the tools stated above is not compatible with your existing working system then contact our technical experts for other compatible tools.  Our experts provide 24/7 support assistance via phone, chat, and email for all technical and functional issues. Contact us to know more.

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