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QuickBooks Abort Error

QuickBooks is an financing tool that is mainly used to perform day to day business accounting transactions in an automated manner. These facilities include tracking your expenses and managing the sales. By adopting this technology the Business enterprises such as small, medium as well as larger organizations get ease in maintaining the business accounts. It is because they can generate specific reports with ease, which can support proper planning and tax filing. QuickBooks offers various kinds of solutions. Those solutions are not dependent on enterprise size, requirements and the volume.  This product is designed and developed by Intuit professionals and has been working well for the last two decades. QuickBooks have multiple error issues which include QuickBooks About Error.

QB offers a proper guide with the software along with a 30 days free trial so that the user can understand the proper working functionalities and specifications of the software. QuickBooks software is a wonderful offering for freelance workers or self-employed individuals. And, with the help of this user can easily track their business’ incomes and expenses, connect accounts, and calculate and schedule tax deductions. It also contains the feature of auto generate reports that can assist in financial reporting.

But sometimes QuickBooks appears some unwanted errors that affect its working performance which includes speed, reliability and accuracy of software. At that point users are seeking for successive valid solutions or the experts help. Read the blog and you will get all helpful solutions that fixes QuickBooks Abort Error easily. In case, you want Intuit Certified masters support then get in touch with us on our QuickBooks Enterprise Support where masters are available to help and support in the context of uncertain technical error issues which include QuickBooks Error 213.

What do you mean by QuickBooks Abort Error?

QB aborts with an error message in QuickBooks Abort Error and unable to proceed the further operations which may include your company file. Saving changes are not responding and crash when a process is going on. It mainly happens when software asks the user to abort the running transactions and resume by restarting the software.These kinds of occurrence harms the QBWUSER.ini file and as a result in QuickBooks keeps aborting concurrently.

What are the possible causes of Abort Error?

There are multiple possible reasons that can occur QB Abort error on your working PC. Suddenly it stops reacting on your commands and an error pop up appears on your display screen that indicates the nature of your error. Some others due to corrupted or missing QBWUSER.ini files on your system. It can also occur due to corrupted hard drives that simultaneously damage your running programs. Other possibilities are:

  • Destroyed or missed QBUSER.ini file and uncertain issues in hardware.
  • Windows get damaged.
  • Destroyed or malware in Hard drive.
  • Some program files are missed, corrupts and outdated.
  • Due to some pending updates of your latest version and also some gone wrong with your Windows OS.
  • This error also occur due to firewall and antivirus outdated session.
  • Your system firewall and antivirus clashing with the QuickBooks processes and making QuickBooks abort its current task.
  • Configurations of multiple versions of QuickBooks start clashing within a multi-consumer setup mode. This can also occur when multiple systems attempt to host the QuickBooks Company file.
  • Hibernation mode and sleeping mode is switched on while saving the QB company file.
  • Any disturbance in between the flow of data and file storage. This occurs suddenly when files are placed on different devices whereas your computer works on the network.

What are the Basic Symptoms of this error?

QuickBooks software of all the versions and editions are simple to use and understand. Even, At the time of purchasing the software.There are multiple indications that assist you in knowing the identity of QuickBooks Abort Error on your working system These symptoms help you in getting actual information of your complex error issue.

  • If your QuickBooks software displays error while opening and shutting down on the running system.
  • Your system crashes suddenly.
  • Suddenly your system stops reacting on your input commands and an error pops on your display screen.
  • Your system closes without any reason and error also does not pop on the screen.
  • QuickBooks stops supporting Windows 8 on your system and also terminates it.

Ways to fix QB Abort Error code?

QuickBooks Desktop needs the stable Internet Connection so that they can easily establish the connection to the data from the server. Also you need to make sure about your hosting status of QuickBooks on your system. Allows a multi-user environment.

For resolving the issues just apply the steps stated below:

  • Select the file option.
  • Click on utilities.
  • Make a choice of Stop Hosting multi-user accounts.

It is required to configure the Windows Firewall for working efficiently on the Windows Desktop. It is because Firewall leads blocking of network access which also block the various QuickBooks programs and files.

The configuration starts for host computers as well as on the various server computers.

  • Firstly, start the process by opening the QuickBooks Company file by allowing the multi-consumer mode.
  • Check the check mark in the box that indicates Open file in a multi-consumer mode. For fixing the multi-consumer mode issues efficiently simply run the QuickBooks File Doctor on your system.

Note: If you require a complete guide of QuickBooks File Doctor then a single click will help you in visiting our site blog. So that you learn more about the installation and updating setup of the tool along with valuable solutions.

Solution 1: By using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Download and run the QB Install Diagnostic tool. This tool will help users in analyzing the corrupted Window components and also fixes the issues separately. Once you run this tool, all your error issues can be fixed easily. After that simply use the restart option to restart the system and launch the QuickBooks Desktop version again. If this solution is unable to settle down your issue then switch to the next solution.

Note: If you are not already downloaded then use our guide for error free installation of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from Intuit official website. A single click will help you in visiting the page.

Solution 2: Antivirus and firewall status active mode require to be disabled

Antivirus and Windows firewalls will help in blocking the security threats for your system and thus, they sometimes block certain programs from running on your system. This leads QuickBooks to keep aborting. For fixing this you need to switch off the active status of your local Windows firewall temporarily. And, also allow existing Antivirus so that they can allow all new updates and other information shared by Intuit for QuickBooks to download automatically.  After making all these changes the issue will definitely be fixed. After changing the whole or applying the above procedure the local machine must be restarted in order to allow the changes to take place. You are unable to do it on their own then call for an Antivirus service provider for their appropriate working.

Note: Activation status of both Firewall and antivirus needs temporarily turned off.

Solution 3: Rename QBWUSER.ini file on your existing working system

We apply this technique if the user is unable to launch the QuickBooks company files placed on the network location.

  • Locate the folder where you store the file. And then, Rename the QBWUSER.ini file and all the procedure will perform manually because rename operation deletes all the last list opened data on your system.
  • Location of your file path \Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • If you are unable to find the right path. It means your file placed in hidden folder. Now check your file in the system hidden files. Your cab easily find your file here. 
  • Right click on the QBWUSER.ini file and rename it.
  • Also add .odd extension at the end of the file name. Name can be easily changed with this extension.
  • Now rename the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file on your working system.
  • After completion of renaming process. Attempt to open any company file. If the other files are open properly but still you are unable to open your own company file manually. In that case move to the below step.
  • Make a copy of that file in a separate folder and attempt to open it. The newly created folder requires it to be a local folder instead of network location.

Note: After completion of the whole process if you still face the login issues into your company file. Then, maybe your file goes corrupted or damaged due to some reasons stated above. In that case simply restore the previous backup on your existing file. Along with that you are having two more choices or solutions.

  • Reinstall and then a clean install of your company file.
  • Create a separate Admin user Windows.

Final Note

If none of the above methods will work smoothly on your QuickBooks Abort Error. And, manual repair techniques don’t work positively. Then consult your problems with our Intuit certified professionals for further support and solutions related to your technical error issues. You can easily connect with our QuickBooks Pro-advisors available at QuickBooks Online Support. By visiting the help page if you need an interactive calling session. Then call us on our Auditannum Helpline number +1-866-265-2764. This helpline number offers you 24*7 support and assistance facility in order to fix your issues and queries. All your queries and issues triggers by calling on our helpline number(users don’t need to pay any charge while calling our experts).

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