QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a useful tool in QuickBooks which helps you to manage multiple user applications. QuickBooks database server manager creates the’ network data files’ for the company files that are stored on the host.

However, if you have more than’ one version’ for each of the QuickBooks Server managers. It is very important to install the QB Database server manager beginning from oldest to newest in the installation of a sequential Database server manager. Want to know why? This is because the QB database server manager isn’t installed you can’t think of using the multiple versions of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Manager – Advantages

Look at the benefits of QuickBooks Account Manager- Client
  • It is easy to analyze local stores or local drives to connect quickly to the latest version of QuickBooks and updated company files.
  • You should run a search of the specific client file to be used by the QB accounting software located on another device with QuickBooks online support with several user’s usages.
You need to know how to access the Server Manager for the QB database. Let’s talk about them-
  • Navigate first, then press the Start icon tab.
  • An alternative is called Programs. Pick the one you want.
  • Simply click the QuickBooks page.
  • Select the tab called QuickBooks Database Server Manager now at the edge.

Useful Tips For QBDSM

Multiple Version: Installing multiple versions of the Database Server Manager can offer you multiple versions of processes. Yet they can’t give you different app models.

Installation in chronological order: Whenever you want to use multiple versions of the QuickBooks App, you should update the Database Server Manager for each edition in sequential order from the oldest to the newest.

Here we’ll cover procedures for downloading, upgrading and setting up QuickBooks Server Manager.

QuickBooks Database Manager -How To Install, Update And Setup

This most impressive utility feature allows you to coordinate the multi-user program. QSDM works quite well to ensure optimum use of the QuickBooks Desktop App. You need to first download, upgrade and set up the QBDBSM on your machine for optimum use of the program and file output on the network.

In case you are using multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop, installing QBDBSM for each version would be better.

Installation Process for QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  • Find QuickBooks installer location on the host computer. Double-click thereon. Now open the Wizard for Installation.
  • Tap on the ‘ Next ‘ button if the host machine is able to access the network and perform an upgrade quickly.
  • Tap on the choice stating ‘ No ‘ in case of no internet connection.and do the button.
  • Stop other services that are operating in the context. Select the ‘ Previous ‘ tab.
  • Review the Software License Agreement thoroughly, and then consent.
  • Pick ‘ Tools for custom or network. ‘ Select Setup Form.
  • Choose the option which says ‘ Yes, allow access. ‘
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the software.
  • Once the software is installed, carefully set up the Database Server Manager.

How To Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Once the database server manager has been successfully installed, you need to check whether the software is available or not. Periodically, Intuit releases the software update for optimizing the use of the QuickBooks Desktop application.

  • First of all, you have to download the latest version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager. It is vital to be aware that the patch is the same for both the server and the computer.
  • Once the installation is complete, it’s suggested that you reboot the server.
  • After the file is modified a notification may show. This message shows that ‘ we need to update the company files …. ‘ There will be a popup to create a backup. But you can’t ignore it since the updates can change the structure of the database.
  • You should be able to open the files once you have done taking the backup.

How To Setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  1. First, open the Database Server Manager on QuickBooks. Scan the folders or files for the multi-user access you need to configure.
  2. It is time the company files on the server were carefully examined. Ensuring that the files are properly configured for multi-user activity in QuickBooks is required.
  3. Allow the use of Monitored Drives Feature to add new client data to the folder.
  4. Ensure all client reports are linked to the cloud and users are logging in to the company files as well.
  5. Use and customize the Network Administrative App, should you wish to change the service status.
  6. Use the app Updates. Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager with the latest updates.

Uses of QB Database Server Manager

Open QuickBooks Database Manager by using:

  1. Click on the Start menu in your computer system
  2. Select all the Programs.
  3. Navigate to cursor on Folder of QuickBooks
  4. Then click Database Server Manager on QuickBooks.

Let us understand what each tab on the QuickBooks Manager does:

1. Scan Folders –You will search the directories in this tab in which the company’s Quickbooks files are stored. Scanning such directories is important to allow remote access of the company files by other users.

  • First of all, you have to add a new folder. Then pick the file you wish to add to. It will attach the folder which contains the client file of Quickbooks under the Folders.
  • To delete a tab, press the folder path below the files including the business account in Quickbooks. Now click on the Delete Tab button.
  • To inspect the folders listed under the folders containing company Quickbooks files, press the Scan button. Once the folder scan is complete, you will see a list of company files found on that folder.

2. Database Server –It tab depicts the latest statistics, as well as the database server state. Additionally, it shows the previously used client file and the name of the Quickbooks signed in person.

3. Monitored Drives –It shows every single hard drive mounted on your device. Once the initial scan is complete, you can constantly track the hard drives you have selected. This will mean that the newly created client data and information are transferred to, remote users will be able to access its program.

4. Updates – It provides you with a link to QuickBooks Update website. It helps you update a server that has only the server manager installed on the database. If the QuickBooks Software has been installed along with the Database Manager, the Database Manager need not be updated. It’s because after upgrading the QuickBooks accounting software, they both are new.

5. System –The full information about your computer is shown in this tab.

How to Host Multi-user access via DBSM)?

The process enabled on a computer is usually called the QuickBooks Manager, where the company files are located physically to manage multi-user access to the company file. But it does not itself have a QuickBooks / Accounts Business program installed.

The DBSM is a part of the business program QuickBooks / Accounts which is converted into a separate service. It is enabled by the Company File Server selection process.

Host Multi-User Access is a mechanism that enables the control of multi-user access to the client-server by running it on the same PC in a networked environment. With this application installed it will perform the same job on a PC as the DBSM does on the server.

Consumers have the DBSM built in a client/server network. But, in a Peer to Peer network Has no stand-alone application. You can turn it on by installing the QuickBooks and Company File Application app. Or by using File > Tool > Multi-User Host Access as well.


Hopefully, you know about QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If your problem is not resolved or you have some doubts against DBSM, for the advanced step we suggest you contact our Quickbooks support team to troubleshoot your Quickbooks Query on Toll-Free Phone works 24×7 for our valuable Customer.

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