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QuickBooks Error 3371

QuickBooks Error 3371 has often occurred when users try to run QuickBooks after reconfiguring their systems; typically after hard drive cloning. All it facilitates users to do is to click on an “OK” button for mainly closing the error pop-up with no clue as to how to resolve the error. The message associated with the error goes something like other errors. But finding better solutions for this error is not so easy. Even sometimes users are not capable to apply the mentioned solutions systematically. Read each instruction very carefully to troubleshoot your QuickBooks Error 3371.

QuickBooks software has triggered a basic problem on its startup. This could be due to an invalid software license. You have to insert the QuickBooks CD into your computer and then reinstall the software. If you start facing the QuickBooks Error 3371 problem again, contact the Technical Support team for proper guidance/assistance. It can hurt even more if you have a valid license on the machine and you cannot even think about reinstalling the software again because you didn’t take any backup of your data, the last time you worked on your company file.

At the point of assistance, we offer QuickBooks Error Support service for resolving all kinds of complex errors under the expert assistance.

When Error 3371 in QuickBooks started showing pop-ups?

When we are talking about errors then there is no fixed time for error issues in software, but it could happen because of several reasons, and all these reasons are mentioned below. If you also face the same error issues then read all reasons for getting a better understanding of your issues.

  • At the same time as replication of the statistics starting with one then onto the next QuickBooks Error 3371 can take place. In an off manner that the customer information, the item allows, or reports/files are ruined, misplaced, or harmed, corrupted, or damaged this immense issue can likewise attack your framework’s entryway. 
  • Datastores the object that allows data. At the same point when you try to open the QuickBooks programming, the Intuit technical department will locate that unique document. At that point this file is lacking, harmed, or misplaced then you will tackle this error code. 
  • Damaged MSXML element – MSXML is a very crucial part that Microsoft gave to Intuit QuickBooks to manually execute the QB programming at the framework. Within the event, if this phase is harmed, it creates an issue in starting or opening the bookkeeping programming. 

So all the mentioned reasons are helpful to overcome by applying valuable solutions. Below, you get all successive help about all the symptoms/consequences that QB users generally face while working on QuickBooks software. It displays pop-ups on the system screen.

How do QuickBooks Error 3371 messages look on your system?

  • Could not initialize license properties. Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load the license data. Caused by missing or damaged files.
  • Could not initialize license properties. [Error 3371, Status Code -11118] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.
  • Could not initialize license properties. [Error: 3371, Status Code -1] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.

What are the common symptoms Of QuickBooks Error 3371?

The basic symptoms are usually that you are unable to open your company file in QuickBooks and resolution attempts like repairing the installation fails, and you get prompts for a confusing Html file. Take a look at the common symptoms of error 3371 in QuickBooks. The Symptoms are as follows:

  • The running window crashes.
  • The PC goes to the frozen state and stops responding.
  • Error 3371 in QuickBooks comes with a description pops-up on your system screen.
  • Your system crashes.
  • The PC responds slowly to your commands and even on some commands the PC doesn’t work or stops responding.
  • “QuickBooks error 3371” displays on-screen, it harms the program window. 
  • At the point when the message or popups starts shows up on the display screen as “home windows installation error Code 3371”. 

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 3371?

Error 3371 in QuickBooks can appear at the time when the purchaser attempts to execute the product after the reconfiguration in their framework. The product is all of the extra essentially willing to the QuickBooks error 3371 while the hard disk is copied. 

Whenever the error message 3371 leads there are essentially no pointers for the goals that lead along with it. The discussion field offers you the choice of tapping on an “O.K.” tab. You can take help from professionals to overcome such QuickBooks errors in less than a minute as according to your convenience. Main causes of the error 3371 in QuickBooks as:

  • The .DAT files start broken or missing.
  • A few important Microsoft components which include MSXML, Internet Framework, C++, and so on.
  • The QuickBooks version you’re using is outdated or discontinued by the Intuit.
  • Your license number is expired otherwise you don’t get a valid license number.
  • Misconfiguration in firewall settings is not allowing QuickBooks to provoke the license properties.
  • Damaged windows file.
  • A  manageable utility has mistakenly removed some crucial QuickBooks files.
  • The installation of QuickBooks wasn’t finished rightly or you stopped it in the processing of new updates.
  • QuickBooks wasn’t installed properly for your system or you install the outdated version for working on your company file.

What are the basic reasons for the occurrence of Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

Anytime when you are willing to install QuickBooks, Intuit stores some license information on your hard drive for future security. Error 3371 in QuickBooks intakes if that information becomes corrupted or damaged, or doesn’t match up in some other way. The software probably checks the license information using a system signature that reflects the hardware configuration. When you start reconfiguring your system or cloning your hard drive, your hardware configuration can simply go hay-wire. This, in turn, causes the configuration QuickBooks saved to not match what it sees when starting up. In the end the user starts getting error 3371 in QuickBooks as a result. Some reasons include

  • Misplaced degenerate, missing, or damaged QuickBooks document/documents. 
  • Corrupt, misplaced, lacking, or harm user data. 
  • Lacking, degenerate, lost, or damage permit records. 
  • Manifestations of QuickBooks error 3371.
  • Framework crashes. 
  • An error code springs up. 
  • Unable to access QuickBooks facts/documents.
  • Mouse and console inputs slack.

Take a look at ways to resolve Error 3371 in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 3371 is a primary license issue that can arise at any time when users run the QuickBooks software. If QuickBooks wasn’t able to initialize the license properties. It could easily be resolved with the assistance of following simple directions and there are several unique or appropriate solutions that help you to clear up the error. QuickBooks File Doctor is very helpful in detecting and fixing the error issues. If you want to know more go through the link. The ways essentially depend upon the scenario in which the error is happening. Ways to solve the QuickBooks error Code 3371 are as given below:

Way1: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic device 

This path of manners consists of discovering Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues through the use of the QuickBooks set up Diagnostic tool.

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and advance it in the work region. 
  • Look for the system closing each open utility or activity. 
  • Reboot Your PC. 
  • Take a look at whether or not error 3371 in QuickBooks is still there or not. 

Note: The system can also take at least up-to twenty mins. Time taken by way of the device depends on your net connection stability and your device configuration.

Way 2: Download and install the latest updates of window

Having your PC updated to the latest build can be very effective for your PC and fix most of the errors you see on daily activities. Sometimes the makers of a certain program assume you are using the newest version of Windows and they implement certain features that may not work properly on older versions. Follow the below-mentioned steps in the context of checking for updates. If you are working on Windows 10 it usually updates itself automatically but, if there is something wrong with this process, you can always check for updates manually.

  • Simply sign up on your system as an administrator.
  • Then press the Windows Key and press X in order to open the special context menu. You can also right-click on the Start menu. Then choose the option Windows Powershell (Admin).
  • In the Powershell console, you have to type cmd and wait for a few seconds for Powershell to switch to the cmd-like environment.
  • In the “cmd” console, type in the following command and ensure that you have to click Enter afterward:
    wuauclt.exe /update now
  • This whole command runs for at least an hour and checks back to know for any other updates that were found and/or installed successfully.

Way 3: Delete TheEntitlementDataStore.Ecml document

  • With the help of Task Manager, you can close all of the QuickBooks associated processes. Apply the following steps for the purpose of closing it.
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC simultaneously to open the task supervisor.
  • From the processes tab, locate all the QuickBooks running processes.
  • Shut down all the processes by choosing on and clicking on End Task.
  • Now, open the Entitlement folder by way of following the below steps:
    • By pressing the Windows + E keys at the same time, you can open the file, Explorer.
    • Go to :C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8 (or v6) or where you have saved the file at that location.
    • Browse and highlight the file .Ecml file extension.
    • Now press the Del key from your system keyboard.
    • Click on YES at the confirmation message.
  • Run QuickBooks and you can easily encounter to sign in QuickBooks in your system once more. Enter an appropriate License number and Product number and also you must be capable of opening QuickBooks easily.

Way 4: Reinstall Using A Clean Install

A clean install is usually done when one of the program’s features are damaged and you need to repair and also when the usual reinstall fails to provide any comfort or a solution to the problem. In order to start the installation process ensures that you have the installation CD or the setup file, you downloaded from QuickBooks’ official site. You will also need your license number before using it.

  • Make sure you already logged in with an administrator account as you won’t be able to delete programs using any other account.
  • Backup all the important data you want to save because deleting QuickBooks will remove all your previous data.
  • Click on the Start menu and open the Control Panel by browsing for it. Instead, you can click on the gear icon in order to open settings if you are working with Windows 10 version.
  • In the Control Panel, select View as Category present at the top right corner and click on Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.
  • If you are working on the Settings app, just click on Apps =instantly to open a list of all installed programs on your PC/System.
  • Simply locate QuickBooks in the Control Panel or Settings and click on Uninstall.
  • QuickBooks’ uninstall wizard should open with two helpful options which are Repair and Remove. Firstly select Remove and then click Next for the purpose of uninstalling the program.
  • A message will pop up with a question asked from the user“Do you want to completely remove QuickBooks for Windows?” Make a choice Yes.
  • Select Finish when the uninstall completes the process.
  •  In the end, restart your computer to see whether errors will still appear or not.

End Note

All the above procedure of solving QuickBooks Error 3371 is very simple, but to be very honest, what is successive information anyway? we offer you very simple services if you feel you cannot find the path of the file you need. Or the process is very risky/complicated, you are not capable to apply it in a chronological sequence, or it doesn’t work we have other alternative solutions for you. Just connect at our Intuit certified professionals for repairing your QuickBooks Software. This QuickBooks Help service contains advanced tools and techniques and we can say it is a reliable piece of technology that will prove to be everything you need to get QuickBooks up-and-running, and more. 

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