Undo or Delete a Reconciliation in QuickBooks

Undo or Delete a Reconciliation in QuickBooks

How to Undo or Delete a Reconciliation in QuickBooks

This is a platform where you learn some helpful steps, tips and solutions to Undo or Delete a Reconciliation in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a software program used by multiple organizations to operate multiple organizational tasks in an automatic way. QuickBooks offers the opportunity for freelancers and for the individual workers. By adopting new technology (QuickBooks tool) most of the complicated tasks are not required to perform manually. It works on advanced methodologies and also runs as an independent software. We highly recommend QuickBooks for effectively running of Your Business.

The process of reconciling the Bank Statement becomes very easy by using the QuickBooks tool. But if you think the process is a bit complicated then read this article very carefully till the end for better understanding and experience. This article is mainly available for those who are stuck at the complex position where all your expected solutions are failed in the context of Undo or Delete a Bank Reconciliation in QuickBooks.

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When we are talking about Desktop versions like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise then User can easily Undo last reconciliation all in a single step. For using QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation, you need to reconcile each and every transaction separately by using the register. If the bank statement is not integrated with the balance sheet in position then it is required that firstly you can uncolice the QuickBooks transactions.

When you require Undo Bank Reconciliation?

Same as your Checkbook handling, the process needs to recheck your accounts in QB to verify that they match with your actual bank details and credit card statements. This process also called reconciling. Here, you know the time when you require to undo your Bank Reconciliation.

Incorrect Date/Time: The accepted payment was recorded with incorrect date or time. Sometime we made a little mistake in the past, It results in the incorrect date. In that case, the error in the statement date needs to be corrected by undoing or deleting Bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.

Uncleared Transaction: All the transactions are required to be checked properly. And also make sure there is no remaining check left for the transactions. If the checks left then you have to fix it in the future.

Wrong Bank Reconciliation: Well defined and careful examination needs to be done to check whether there is no forced reconciliation in the bank statements.

Wrong Bank Statement: Due to incorrect date and time the bank statement becomes wrong or not lies on the actual date.

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Undo/ Delete of Bank Reconciliation of an Account by using following steps

  • Firstly, launch QuickBooks and then open the Banking present at the left menu.
  • Now choose Banking, appear at the top and then go for the register or your account history.
  • Browse the transaction which you want to unreconciled once at a time.
  • After that, Hit R appears on your screen in between the amount and deposit column.
  • After applying the above changes, the software asks for some permissions to save the changes to the transaction status.
  • Hit save to save the changes.
  • After hitting save, users starts showing pop up on the display screen that specifies your answer yes.
  • Hit yes to complete the procedure.

Steps to Undo Reconciliation Manually

Take a look at the basic steps to undo the reconciled data manually. The basic steps are:

  • Go to the gear icon and click on it. Also click on charts of accounts.
  • Browse for the selection of the account row that you want to see and then choose the register/account history.
  • After applying the above steps then identify the specific account which you want to edit. After that reach to the reconcile status appear by a checkmark beside it.
  • Choose the top mark to modify/change it. Look at the specific acronyms C indicates Cleared, R indicates Reconcile and Blank specifies neither cleared/ specified nor reconciled.

Steps to Undo/Delete the Bank Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online Accountant(QBOA)

Now look at the following steps that help you in undo or delete the QuickBooks Online Accountant version of  Bank Reconciliation. 

  • Firstly you will have to make a click on a gear icon.
  • Next Open tools and go to the Reconcile option.
  • Choose your Bank account.
  • After that you will see a Undo option near to the Auto Adjustment Column.
  • Now hit the Undo option.
  • A pop appears on your display screen which you need to say yes by clicking on OK.
  • At the end, a success screen appears to you, Hit ok once again.

Steps to Undo/Delete the Bank Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online Version

Now look at the following steps that help you in undo or delete the QuickBooks Online version of  Bank Reconciliation. 

  • Firstly,You have to visit the banking option appear at the left menu of QuickBooks.
  • Now Hit the banking option.
  • Make a selection for the account.
  • After that Users need to go to the register/account history which can be seen above the action column.
  • By applying the steps stated above just look again at the unreconciled transaction one by one.
  • After that simply highlight the tab on the transaction. 
  • Now hit the Tab Option appear on the R on the top line transaction existing between the Amount, Depositor charge and the Payment account.
  • This is the time to click in this field to give the permission for modifying and making changes in all the transaction status and just okay to the desired status from the bank which describes unreconciled and clear.
  • Just save the adopted changes progress.
  • After completion of all the steps a popup starts appearing on your display screen.
  • At the end, just click on the ok button to accept the new valuable changes in the software.

Essential Note: If you are planning to reconcile each and every transaction for a period. Then it might help you a lot in the printing of the first list of reconciled transactions by adopting the Reconcile alternative existing at the Banking Menu.

For solving your other error issues simply go through the QuickBooks Error 213. And also if you want to update your existing QuickBooks Desktop then go to the Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Release Version. For more articles just search manually in the search bar or go to the Blogs option and open any blog as per your issue.

Advantages of Reconciliation transaction in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks financing accounting software offers wonderful and exciting features and versions to its valuable users. There are multiple benefits that hold users to use QuickBooks software. And also attracts new users to adopt QuickBooks Online version for running their business effectively and efficiently.

Maintaining records of each and every transaction

QuickBooks offers all valuable help for their QuickBooks users. It helps those who use QuickBooks for your bank transactions by handling each and every transaction of the bank account.

Updated Reports

QuickBooks offers the opportunity of synchronizing all the important data and reports. QuickBooks also leads users in maintaining the financial reports which include profit and loss, balance sheet and also all cash flow statements.

No error or discrepancy

QuickBooks accounting software helps you in securing all the data by offering highly secure features and safe levels. In QuickBooks, All the transactions processed through your choosing bank account bank-level will also be seen in just QuickBooks panel.

Valuable QuickBooks Desktop Versions

The functionalities of Undo a Reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop is very easy among all the versions of QuickBooks. Now look at the helpful steps that play a vital role in Undo a Reconciliation. If you are working with any of the QuickBooks Desktop versions which include QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise. 

  • Open QuickBooks and then visit the Banking option available on your screen.
  • Then browse the transaction that you want to reconcile.
  • Now hit the reconcile now option.
  • At the end simply choose the option that is “Undo last Reconciliation”.


Hopefully all the steps, solutions and basic tips will help you in fixing the Undo or Delete Reconciliation in QuickBooks. But you still have a query for your reconciliation statements to perform some other minor changes. Then get in touch with our Highly qualified technicians available at auditannum QuickBooks Enterprise Support for offering the other transparent solutions to fix your issue. Users can call us anytime and from any place all over the USA.  By implementing our solutions and steps stated above users capable of executing and implementing the steps successfully. For other guidance and supervision we offer our helpline number visible to you at the top left of our site blog. 

Get in touch with our experts professionals for proper resolution of errors and issues. We offer you a learning and support help page for fixing other queries.

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