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Intuit Education Program

Intuit Education Program is mainly planned for providing an educational environment for students in the USA, whether they are in school, college and universities. This educational program has many features and benefits, i.e., it is adjustable for teaching, supportive software and accesses the resources from anywhere. This plan also provides a totally free version of Quickbooks Accounting Software for Quickbooks online and desktop through the Quickbooks Student Discount Program.

Read the full article to get the proper knowledge about this Intuit Education Program, and if you want a discussion about this plan, feel free to contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor on provided number of QuickBooks Support, if you don’t have time to read the full article.

This Intuit Education Program gives better knowledge and runs digitally, and also provide full support to students and entrepreneurs. This plan helps the students to grab an edge in the big market of jobs, free industry-standard software and gives assurance for future success.

This program only has one agenda that is “Our mission is powering prosperity around the world”, they work on three platforms and all three platforms are so beneficial which are QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and pro connect.

Steps Of Joining The QuickBooks Education Program

The first step is you have to do their official website, then you will there the two platforms in the registration part, one is QuickBooks Online and another one is ProConnect tax, so you can register as a Student or a teacher.

ProConnect Tax

It is a software of cloud-based professional tax for the tax which is a build-up for teaching tax. With the help of these students can prepare for their future. And it is also a service provided by QuickBooks Subscription.

QuickBooks Desktop

Those who have registered in the Intuit Education Program and looking for any kind of help regarding QuickBooks product, contact to QuickBooks Support and identify yourself with the Intuit Education Program. 

Intuit Education Program Certification Process

You just have to follow these three steps for certification, which are as follows,

  • Attend the training

The first step if find and register the near QuickBooks Classes from you.

  • Exam preparation 

After the training, you just have to wait and prepare for your exams, you will also get the help for preparation from the question papers provided by them.

  • Give the exam 

The last step is to give the QuickBooks Certification Exam and they will help you to find a certified testing center to give the exam.

Recognition after qualification

After taking the affiliation with taking the certification through Certiport the institution can only use the software for instructional purposes. After the affiliation by the institute either public or private, the first and second levels will provide full-time instruction for education communities of grade k-12.

Detailing of license

Intuit Education Program will give you 5 months access license of reaching their portal for QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version and they also provide a never ever expiring only for schools on their portals for QuickBooks Accountant Desktop. And as long as the tutor meets the Intuit educator eligibility, they can access the portal of  QuickBooks.

Reason for choosing QuickBooks by Educators 

QuickBooks makes a person more innovative and knowledgable. Reason for choosing QuickBooks by educators because the digital transformation is driving a change across all industries.

Intuit Education Program Resources

This Intuit Education Program also gives a free trial of QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and ProConnect Tax to eligible institutions individually.

  • The qualified Academic institution for the educational program.
  • That institution that fulfilled the criteria can only use the software for instruction purposes.
  • Staff and faculty members by an authorized public or private university, the board of education or school district, primary or secondary school.
  • Those students who qualify and belongs to the above mention institutions.

Working of QuickBooks

  1. First select your software which are QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or Proconnect.
  2. Register yourself in Intuit Education either as a student or as an educator
  3. Access your curriculum of the course and teacher training as live QuickBooks file, instructor guide, curriculum, and PowerPoint presentation.

QuickBooks Benefits and its features

  • Preparing the students for job

This program helps the students to grab a competitive edge with industry-recognized skills. Fully experienced and fully involved in the classroom. Accounting principles bring to life in real-world applications.

  • Supportive software for all the students

Teaching a full accounting and tax course, or even just a class module. Students can access the full study material only by registering in the Intuit Education Program.

  • Approach to supportive resource for educators and students

Saving you time through preparing for classes with more classroom exercises and lecture presentations.

So, overall this Intuit Education Program brings for you a great opportunity to get the mindblowing benefits to study and teach, just by register yourself in Intuit Education either as a educator or a student and then you can access any primary or secondary level study at any time and whether you are from recognized school or any university.

And if you found any problem related to QuickBooks features or don’t have time to understand this full post, so, you feel free to contact QuickBooks Support Service provided on the official website.

Intuit Education Program works on basically three platforms QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Proconnect.

Intuit Education Program provides you 5 months access license to reaching their portal of QuickBooks  Accountant Version.QuickBooks makes you more creative and knowledgable in comparison to other market services.

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