Best Accounting Software for Small Business

While running a small business it is very important to maintain a grip on finances. so, there are various accounting software that has been used for small businesses but before purchasing any software identify the needs you want in software, budget of the software you wanna purchase and also do some research about features that you need in your software for your the small businesses.

Here are top 6 best budget accounting software for your small business.

Top 6 accounting software for small businesses.



Sage 50cloud



Zoho Books

1. Intuit Quickbooks

This is the post popular business accounting software for small businesses due its features. It is very easy to use and loaded with such various amazing features that can save the time.because of its features and sevices quickbooks have such a huge clients database throughout the nation,by using quickbooks we can do businesses nationwide because quickbooks used in many nations like USA,INDIA,etc, so that any accountant across the nation have an idea and knowledge about your business because accountant is familiar with the that we can start our business anywhere across the nation.quickbooks contains many versions such as QuickBooks online and quickbooks desktop.

Why quickbooks?

Yes, QuickBooks because of its feature within such a price range is amazing , it is totally affordable software for the small businessmens and whoever want to use it,quickbooks provide such various powerful tools for their clients, it contains various packages so all can take the benefit of this premium software according to their requirement and budget, its services separate it from the rest of accounting softwares.

Quickbook products

  1. Quickbooks online: Quickbooks online is cloud based subscription service,you can use it when you do not want to operate business from traditional office such as it can be acessed through any time any where any device .it provides all the safety and measures and allow you to acess file from any location ,you can also find right plan according to your need, quickbook online used for both as maintaining small businesses and for accounting too.
  2. QuickBooks desktop: It is a one time purchase accounting software that installed into your office pc. QuickBooks desktop has 2 variant:
    1. QuickBooks Enterprise
    2. QuickBooks Pro
    3. QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Features that help you in businees accounting

  • It provides 24/7 chat support or (live support) that is one of the magnificient feature for the clients ,whenever the got stucked somewhere they can use this chat services anytime anywhere.
  • It is integrated with paypal ,shopify so that client do not need any other web server for payments.
  • All the plans of quickbook allow to track income, expenses, send invoices and recieve payments.
  • It contains the feature of mobile access, time tracking, double entry, track inventory.
  • It contains document management also with the crm integration.
  • It supports multi currency feature.
  • It provide payroll services
  • It supports ios and android platform.
  • It gives 30 days free trial 

QuickBooks Pricing for given product

Pricing for QuickBooks online for small businesses, accountants and various plans.

  • For self-employed – $7/mo
  • For a new business just starting out(simple start)-$12/mo
  • For service-based businesses (essentials) who invoice for their time-$20/mo
  • For product-based businesses(plus) who track inventory -$35/mo
  • For growing businesses(advanced)who need more productivity and insights-$75/mo
  • For small businesses- $5.60/400rs per month (include of GST bill annually )
  • For accountants -$2.50/180rs per month (include GST for a bundle of 15 licenses).

Pricing for QuickBooks desktop:

  • Quickbooks pro-2020: it is used for startup businesses and it costs $299/ year
  • Quickbooks premier 2020:it is used for those businesses which are running well and it costs $499/year.
  • Quickbooks enterprise 20.0: it is for those businesses which are fully developed and need advanced inventory management and it costs $808/year

2. Freshbooks:

Freshbooks is the great accounting software when it comes to small businesses ,it is very easy to use and customized. freshbook is an simple and intuitive cloud based accounting application that can be accessible across all your devices. Freshbook signup is as easy as cakewalk. Signupn of freshbooks doesnot require any credit card details its just ask about email and then verified of your email and its done.its very simple platform that can be used for small businesses easily as much as need with such there great features.

Features of FreshBooks:

  • It allow you to track invoice status(time tracking capability), so that you can know when customers pay their bills, it also contain feature like recurring invoices (send invoices automatically),
  • Ihrough freshbooks you can see the location a customer opened your invoice , so that they can not make excuses and thats good to avoid such kind of inconvenience regard accounting and services.
  • It integrated with many business applications and provide single dashboard to manage finances and accounting.
  • Freshbooks also contain secure backups .
  • It is accessible on mobileapp with such an android and ios platform through which you can create and send use to help keep tracking business alltime.
  • It supports multiple language and currencies.
  • Through its mobile app its very easy to short out problems by chat with client , accept the payments Freshbook also known for its faster payments services.better integration and user roles also presented in freshbooks
  • Freshbooks also give the feature of 30 days free trial to their customers.

FreshBooks Pricing

Freshbooks contain Monthly plans and yearly plans.

  • Monthly plans
    • Lite plan – it is use for the self employed pro and it costs $7.50/mo for 5 billable clients with the 50%off and free trial.
    • Plus plan – it is used for small businesses with big goals and it costs $12.50/mo for 50 billable clients with the 50% off with free trial.
    • Premium plan – it is use for growing businesses with dynamic teams and it costs $25.00/mo for 500 billable clients with free trial.
    • Select plan – it is use for thriving businesses that need customer services and it costs custom pricing for 500+ billable clients with a free demo.
  • Yearly plans
    • Lite plan – it is use for the self employed pro and it costs $6.00/mo for 5 billable clients with the 60% off and free trial.
    • Plus plan – it is use for small businesses with big goals and it costs $10.00/mo for 50 billable clients with the 60% off and free trial.
    • Premium plan– it is use for growing businesses with dynamic teams and it costs $20/mo for 500 billable ckients and free trial.
    • Select plan -it is use for thriving businesses that need customer services and it costs custom pricing for 500+ billing clients with a free demo.

3. Zoho books

When it comes to ease to use zoho software comes in first list.zoho books is an cloud based accounting software used for small businesses. It is the software which is used for managing the cash flow, it also offers good technical support such as payment acceptance and creation of balanced sheets. Zoho books detects transaction automatically which is required for e-way bills information in your invoices.

Features of Zoho Books

  1. Zohobooks makes managing your invoices(professional)
  2. Zohobooks contains an client portal for your feedback or live support.
  3. It also has a quote share method for a healthy discussion to speed up estimate approval.
  4. It create, send and manage bills easily. It creates bill on recurring mode.
  5. It also do the project management by providing you feature recording expenses for project and raising invoices.
  6. It customizes the sales order, shipping stock and easy documentation.
  7. Gstin is presented in zohobooks , which used to automatically compile all your taxable transaction.
  8. Zohobooks provide all the insights ver easily through its dashboard.
  9. Zoho scan contains one of the premium and best feature as its called autoscan which captures your document details automatically so it faster for you to convert invoice, bill, sales order,etc.

Zoho Books Pricing:

Standard level –

  • It is the accounting package for those businesses that have turnover less than 1.5 crore which is for inventory management, GST filing, and direct banking integration.
  • It costs 2499rs. Per organisation/year.

Professional level-

  • It is an end to end accounting.
  • It is the accounting package for those businesses that have turnover less than 10 crore which is for advance customization, access control, and workflow customization.
  • It costs 9999rs. Per organisation/year.

Premium level-

  • It is for mid-tier accounting to large business.
  • It is the accounting package for those businesses that have turnover less than 75 crore which is for project management, cross border transactions, advanced reporting and inventory control.
  • It costs 19,999rs per organisation/ year.

4. Wave

If you are a freelancer or have a small business then wave financial software is for you. It provides good customer support, no mandatory costs for users,wave contains time saving features like automatic bank feeds and recurring invoicing and also it a has a mobile application for providing further services.

Features of Wave accounting software

  1. Invoicing is one of the most important feature of accounting.and thus, invoicing get easily done by wave financial
  2. It allows to send invoices automatically to customer
  3. Through wave accounting software we also make remind of our customers to pay bill on time.
  4. Wave automatically syncs your data
  5. Wave aconnects automatically 10,000 of financial institutions such as paypal, credit cards, etc.
  6. Wave also provides automatic backup that is data has been stored in the cloud so there is no worry about losing the data
  7. Mobile app – basically wave contains two application i.e receipts and invoice and both of them are available on ios as well as android platform , photos of receipt transalate into exprense transaction by using ocr(optical character recognition) technology well it saves time by not manually inputting transactions.
  8. It provides multi business support.

Pricing for Wave

Wave accounting software, invoicing,receipt scanning and online payments are free i.e $0 , trnsaction costs (2.9%+$.30/transaction;$35 per month base fee in service taxstate ;payroll; $20 per month base fee in self-service state)

5. Xero

Xero is the best accounting software for mac, it is web based software, many of businesses work on mac or ios but it doesnt mean that they dont deserve good services right , so for them xero is helping hand which works on across all the ios devices such as iphone , mac , ipads and also the apple watch.

Features of Xero

  • Xero gives 30 days free trial period.
  • It allows to send custom invoices.
  • It track inventory insantly.
  • It also create order to purchase bills and that bills can get accessed by anywhere throuugh your phone or tablet.
  • It also provide live support.

Pricing of Xero

It has 3 Plans-

  1. Early – it allow to send 5 invoices and quotes and enter 5 bills with recoincilation of 20 banks transaction which contains cost of $9 per month.
  2. Growing – it allow to send invoices ,quotes and enter bills with recoincilation of bank transaction with no limit which costs $30 per month.
  3. Established– it allow to send invoices and quotes and enter bills with recoincilation of banks transaction with no limit. Multi currency is presented in it, expenses- manage and capture claims,projects-track project time and costs. Which costs $ 60 per month.

6. Sage 50 cloud

It is most efficient business accounting software, It provides power and productivity to a desktop, it definitely works well for small to large businesses, through sage 50 cloud lots of your time has been saved by reducing administrative tasks through with the help of sage 50 cloud.sage tracks payment and expenses and do calculation automatically, it offers the robust nature of sage desktiop software with cloud funclionality.


  • It manage cashflow, payments as well as expenses.
  • It connects yo your bank account directlly.
  • It have powerful reporting and dashboard
  • It have office 365 integration(it contains additional charges).
  • It track and manage the stocks.
  • It manage multiple department and budgets
  • It contains online, webchat and email support.
  • Sage 50 cloud also give regular product upgrades and innovation.
  • It give 30 day free trial.

Sage 50 cloud Pricing:

  • Sage 50 cloud essentials: It is a simple desktop accounting solution which costs £20 per month + VAT with a 1 core user. It is for 1 company.
  • Sage 50 cloud standard: It is a simple accounting desktop solution with invoicing and cashflow management which costs £60 per month + VAT* with a 1 core is For 2 companies.
  • Sage 50 cloud professional: It is a powerful accounting desktop solution with in depth stock and reporting which costs £125 per month + VAT* for 1 user. It is for 10 companies.
  • Growing – it allow to send invoices and quotes and enter bills with recoincilation of banks transaction with no limit


The conclusion of best accounting software to introduce all the features of software and services with the budget so that you can choose it according to your requirement and use it ,in such a convenient way and make progress to your businesses with having such guidelines within . Also the security is a major factor which is also presnets a major role in it . platform dependency also matters which is already introduced in each and every software . choose the software what fulfill your business needs.

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